The March of Sterich

Sterich crest

In the shadows of the great western mountains lies a tragic nation devastated by war and poisoned by the opportunistic crush of would -be nobles holding false claims on ravaged manors and overgrown fields. Eight years ago, an army of giants and savage humaniods surged from the mountain crags, conquering the land’s armies and capturing its haunted capital, the star-crossed city of Istivin.

This is the Marchland of Sterich, and something within is not right… More than a few speculated that it seems the taint of war had brought a touch of the abyss to the lands.

Feudal monarchy owing fealty to Keoland and having seven counties, each with three to fifteen low baronies (conflicting baronial claims make final number per county uncertain in many areas).
The standard coinage: Griffon (pp), Lion(gp), Eagle(ep), Hawk(sp), Sparrow(cp)

The Daunting Abyss

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