The Daunting Abyss

New Found Strength

Godsday, Planting 4, CY 593 – Evening

Outside the castle walls, in the slave village of Sertrous, among the fields of the Cettrux hill. A foreign being by the name of Zef came here, from the nightmare realm, looking to free the slaves of the village. It was at this time he ran into Bariard, going to get the rest of his things that he needed, and started to interact with one another. Zef, a Diabolian, told Bariard why he was here and he agreed with Zef. Bariard told him of a group inside the castle on the same type of mission, but doing a little more than just freeing the slaves.

Zef was inspired and wanted to meet the group. Bariard and Zef started towards the castle to run into a Yuan-ti patrol coming out. The patrol had 3 warrior men and 2 yuan-ti half-blood archers. Bariard rushed in towards the humans and felt right at home being in the middle of the attackers, gaining extra defense to take them on. Zef followed up moving in towards the archers and using his trident to eventually take one out as Bariard took out the three humans. The last of them took off in the meantime back into the castle, realizing he was out matched. They left him go, while Zef healed some of their wounds.

When they arrived into the castle Bariard took Zef to the lesser shrine where the group had talked with Chavakuth. He told the group where to go and help him out and in return give them a place to rest without interruption. Zef communicate dwith Chavakuth and found they went upstairs to go into the Central Tower, known as the Tower of the Way, to go and kill some Poisondusk Lizardfolk for him. They both went up to meet with the group.

As Zef and Bariard reached the foyer, at the top of the steps in the tower, they noticed the pair of doors wide open. As they walked in, asking if there was anyone there, were attacked by the Bronze Dragon. As the Battle took place the rest of the group heard the fighting going on outside of the map room they were held up in. They moved on out of the room to help them out and found Bariard with some other demon like creature fighting the bronze dragon. They came out just when the dragon breather his breath weapon taking down the demon looking creature and Bariard slamming a solid hit on the dragon. The dragon flew up and the group followed. The dragon flew down on them to breath while coming up the steps and landed at the top of it. Quickly Bariard went up next to it and after the dragon attacked he attacked it when it tried flying off, again getting another solid hit. At this point the rest of the group made it to the landing where the portals were and they saw the dragon on the landing across the way. Bariard went to administer a potion to the demon like creature where the dragon came down to attack the rest of the group with another breath weapon and they moved in to surround the dragon. As the dragon attacked and tried to fly off, they took there attacks on it to finally kill the bronze dragon.

Zef took this time to heal himself and others. Zef introduced himself to the party and that he was a Diablo Cleric of Trithereon. He was here to free the slaves from the Yuan-ti and was informed by Bariard that there was more. The party informed Zef of what they were here for and that the Yuan-ti were performing some sort of ritual to bring back Sertrous and needed certain items to complete the ritual. They had two of the items; Merthuvial and Banrhialorg, but came looking for the other items that were all stolen from the forgotten kings tomb in Kingsholm. Zef has agreed to help the party as long as it means to help free the villagers from the Yuan-ti. The party felt relieved when finding this out and was a warm welcome to the party, especially since Nathanial had died to the bronze dragon. As the party gathered their thoughts, Zef went to investigate the top of the tower and see if the dragon master had anything of use on her.

As he approached the top, he heard growling sounds come from the rafters above. Down came a black non-corporal creature that looked like a cross between a dog and lynx with redish eyes. This creature swooped down and attacked Zef at the top of the steps. The rest of the group heard this and started to come up the steps to help Zef out. But as they started the climb they were attacked by 4 flying snakes that dove down with one of them spitting in Zef’s face to cause him to go blind. The other snakes landed on the ground after the attack and then climbed back up into the rafters. The snakes continued their attack to try and blind others but failed. The black hound continued it’s attack and kept floating over to ther spots in the tower to avoid the groups attacks and every time someone hit the creature it seemed to heal it self instantly. It was not until Shintra hit it with her silver longsword that they realized they needed silver to hurt it and she was the only one with a silver weapon. Thulsa was able to damage it somewhat with Mertuvial, but not as easy as Shintra was able to. The flying snakes were killed quickly and with just a single hit for most, but it took awhile for the black hound to suffer his demise. Shintra dealt the final blow as the creature disappeared as smoke getting blown away.

Zef came to being able to see again and went up to finally search the dragon master of the bronze dragon. FOund some magical bracers that Laurana decided to keep. The group felt it was time to turn in for the night and get some needed spells back, along with some extensive healing. They helped to guide Betty down to the small shrine on the first floor where Chavakuth was. When they got there the group showed him the heads of the poisondusk Lizardfolk and he smiled from ear to ear. He told them they can spend the night and if they brought him any more he would help them out some more with minor healing and to spend the night again if needed. The group nestled up on the floor and proceeded to get a good nights rest.



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