The Daunting Abyss

Prisoner Dungeon Escape

Waterday, Planting 5, CY 593 (Evening)

The group checked to make sure everyone was okay and if anyone needed some healing. Betty came out from the small shrine area of to the side of the meeting hall. As they started to go back through the torture room to make their way to the ramp stairwell that went down to the dungeon of the castle, Shintra heard a wimper coming from one of the cells of to the side of the room and quickly went over to find that it was a wolf and what appears to be his master in the cell next to him.

The human within the next cell was woken up to find out what they were doing here. He stated was a ranger named Obelyn Tendael and the wolf, Kiba, was his companion. He did not remember where he was from or how he got there and was interested in going along with the group to help since he had no sense of direction or where to go at the moment. Shintra agreed, along with the rest of the party, while Zef was being impatient for the group to get a move on to the dungeon below.

When they reached the bottom of the spiral ramp at the entrance to the dungeon they heard a sobbing cry of a female coming from one of the cells of to their left. Further investigation showed that the cell had an elven female named Selirra crying because she was locked up and soon to be tortured by those snake-like creatures. They had told her she would be set free after looking around to make sure it was safe and if there were any others they could set free. The rest of the 20’ wide dungeon was shaped as an H and had 10’ cube cells lining all the walls except for the center that went to an open archway that had a putrid smell coming from it. While exploring, Zef cast Omen of Peril to get a sense of what was too come and Thulsa used his detect evil on the rest of the cells where they had found 12 more prisoners, besides Selirra, there was a loud mouth, cocky dwarf named Daverov and a female yuan-ti named Ossuru. They had some trust issues with Ossuru, since she was detected as evil, but worked out a compromise to help her out since it looked like she was brutally tortured and starved while being a prisoner.

The group was all over the dungeon trying to conserve time with Zef going around with the jailor’s keys and opening the cell doors. It was at this time when the group was attacked by a yuan-ti ghost. Zef did some attempts to turn but to no avail and it seemed hell bent on not letting the prisoners escape. The yuan-ti ghost with its surprise and strike tactics drained the life out of 3 prisoners, along with Thulsa feeling weak and Zef not as wise in his thoughts, and looking like we needed to step up on getting everyone out of this dungeon prison. While moving out of the dungeon they discovered that the ghost seems to not go after anyone that is within any of the cells, and moaning “No one escapes their prison cells” as it attacked the prisoners. Thulsa seemed to have been favored from the ghost attacks, as he had hurt it with the most damage from his ghost-touch weapon " Merthuvial ". They finally all reached the the stair ramp to go back up to the main level of the castle, but not without losing 3 prisoners to the yuan-ti ghost.

When they reached the top of the ramp stairs, they regrouped in the torture chamber room with all the 8 prisoners left to get out of the castle. When they opened the door to the main chamber they were greeted by Yuan-ti archers. A plan was needed to prevent anymore deaths to the prisoners as they helped them to freedom. They started to move them of to the right into the Kitchen and dining area off the main hall while Thulsa, Betty and Zef went along the wall under the Balcony of the upper level to get to the front main gates to open them. An Entangle spell was cast to slow them down while getting hit from arrows by 8 archers. Thulsa had reached the first large winch and waited for Betty to get the other winch, but instead went up the ramp stairs to go after the archers. Shintra was at the dining room doors close to the castle gate, and Obelyn Tendael with Laurana were at the torture room door. Zef along the wall at the first set of doors to the dining room cast dispel magic to get rid of the Entangle spell, to only have it cast again in the main hall area the next round. Obelyn Tendael and Laurana started using their range weapons to try and hit the archers. Betty knocked over one of the archers over the balcony when he got to the top and then came back down after he was shot at with 13 arrows. Thulsa seen this and both him and Betty went back up the ramp to take out more of the archers. Shintra then moved over to the winch and had successfully opened one of the two Iron Portcullis leading to the outside and did the same with the other winch. Zef did some healing while getting shot at and started to move over to the dining area to start moving the prisoners to the outside. Here lies the fate of these prisoners and hopefully do not end up dead like the others that did so far.



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