The Daunting Abyss

Prisoner freedom fighting

Waterday, Planting 5, CY 593 (Evening)continued

The time is at hand to move the prisoners out of here. Betty and Thulsa continued to attack the archers on the above balcony slowly taking them down, while Laurana, casts Flame arrow onto Obelyn to help with doing more damge with his shots, but ended up getting stuck behind his wolf Kiba, that was stuck in the entangle, trying to get out there to shoot at the yuan-ti archers. After opening the front gates Shintra headed up the ramp to help out with the archers. They took many hits and moved in close to them to lessen the amount of arrows coming at them, but still suffered much damage from the arrows. Laurana Continued to shoot her crossbow from below, and Zef started to get the prisoners out the front gate while the archers were occupied.

After the archers were finally taken down and the prisoners were all out of the castle, they gathered in the surrounding field village area to meet up with Clora. Here they made arrangements with her to be able to sleep one more night within the barn to get some needed rest, healing and spells for such a task of infiltrating castle Serastis to stop a major ritual from happening. Clora warned them that resting here has a risk of them getting caught by the Yuan-ti for they have been known to survey the village from time to time and it has increased of late because of the increased activity in and out of the castle. But they still seem pre-occupied with something else as they do not go out of their way to make a thorough search. The group decided that this night they might need to have a watch to make sure they get uninteruppted sleep. During the night their was a Yuan-ti scout party out checking the village, but were not discovered because of covering themselves with cow dung before settling in for the night.



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