The Daunting Abyss

Search & Destroy

Earthday, Planting 6, CY 593 (Afternoon)

After the group refreshed themselves from the crap in the pit, they started to see what may be behind the doors. They started with the four singles iron reinforced wooden doors and finding out all of the doors were locked. Thulsa proceeded to start smashing down the doors, since he had an adamantine weapon, but found out it was taking too long and after giving a door some weapon damage he bashed the doors down. Of course, after awhile of making so much noise from breaking down doors a group of 4 humans came to investigate.

They quickly took the patrol party out and moved on investigating the 4 rooms with broken doors. The rooms had ammo, weapons, armor, shields and mundane items. Zef took the Serpent Scale mail and Chameleon Leather armor to sell later as they looked like they could fetch a good price. Now for the main stone doubles doors with the snakes intertwined having their heads meeting at the top and the tails meeting at the doors handles. The group found that they was no way to get through and figured it might need a key. Obelyn and Laurana went dump diving in the pit and came out with a granite ring and a Silver Cord that Thulsa recognized as one of his Divinity Items, the Cord of Favor. Shintra went off to search for the key amongst the cells in the other part of the dungeon. She came across a cell with a piles of bones and a adamantine dagger stuck in the floor.

Shintra went to pull the dagger from the floor and was surprised by the jailor ghost from before, learning that his name was Yensurros. She felt the touch of the cold grasp on her and suffered a loss of memory on being able to cast some of her spells. She wailed out a scream with Thulsa hearing it from the next room, informed the group and they went to help. In the meantime, the ghost cast Entagle and Deeper Darkness to slow the others from coming to her aid, as Yensurros was determined to kill her for disturbing his resting place in his former life. Shintra had cast Spider Climb to avoid the Entangle and swung at the ghost from the ceiling. Thulsa getting their to attack the ghost and Zef trying to turn it, but failed. Within the next round after, Shintra dropped to the floor and striking it again, the ghost felt it needed to drop down through the floor and was destroyed, in a blinding flash, by Thulsa striking it with a Smite Evil.

With the spells dispersing when the ghost died, they proceeded to get the dagger out and in the end it was Shintra to pull the dagger, but found that within the hole was some kind of serpent looking metal. Zef pulled it out with his tail, and they had determined it looked like the snakes on the stone double doors. They used the newly found serpent key on the door and opened it. Within was an immaculate room with shelves of potions, salves, a quiver, a periapt and a pair of pearls that gleamed in the light. On a table in the center of the room was a set of gleaming black scale mail. Laurana and Zef cast Detect Magic to help in figuring out what was there and to check the other 4 rooms.

They only found they had 2 stone salves, 2 cure moderate potions, a periapt of Wisdom and with Identify found out the Black Scale Mail was a legacy item called Nanietharil. A set of scale mail made of overlapping layers of darkwood carved to resemble leaves. Its dark hue is broken by a leaf-and-branch pattern in dull gold. The other items were not able to find out what they are. While, searching the room and figuring out what we found, Thulsa felt a disturbance that something was not right and looked outside the room to see a large patrol of yuan-ti and lizardfolk ready to come into the garbage pit room. Now we must fight for our lives, in a weakened state, to get out with these new found items.



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