The Daunting Abyss

Unusual Alliance

Godsday, Planting 4, CY 593 – Early afternoon

Before they went through the door Bariard noticed that he was missing some of his equipment he needed to continue on. He went back to get it from the dark naga’s building. The rest of the group went forward to see what they can find out in the next room.

Nathanial went through the door and inside was what looked to be a small shrine with a lizardfolk, 2 humans and a snake behind the altar. Nathanial tried to do some diplomacy with them. The Lizardfolk did the talking and said he was Chavakuth. He was a shaman of the Dark Talon Tribe and serves Sertrous, master of all. He pointed out that all of Vangaurd get ready for Sertrous to awaken and that no mortal can defeat them, but maybe help the group to survive within and able to flee. There was a tiny Poison Dusk Tribe that was in the castle and believes they dirty the Vangaurd with their presence here. He would help us with a place to spent the night and some healing if they returned with proof of their deaths. There was two places that they resided, a roaming group in the basement of the castle and a group guarding the Tower of the Way. The group accepted the challenge and figured they would need a place to rest soon.

As soon as they had left the shrine, they were ambushed from above in the Main Hall by a Yuan-ti patrol with a couple archers and a sorcerer. As they rained down arrows and spells. The group took a defense stance while Thulsa & Betty ran to up after them. Lauran’s Bat had took flight towards them to attack with a summoned wolf joining in. As betty reached them taking out one archer and the other creatures taking out the other, he went up to the sorcerer and he changed into a tiny viper. The viper went of the edge to fall below and slithered under a door right there of the main hall. Laurana & Shintra followed the snake into the next room and found out they needed some light. With the help of Nathanial and his dancing lights they were able to see the viper head to another hole on the far wall in what appeared to be the dining hall. Their was blood fresh and old down the center of two long tables. Shintra had chnaged into a badger to try and catch the viper quicker, but had failed in the attempt.

The group gathered together in the main hall and went upstairs by the ramp to the doors that lead up into the Tower of the Way. Laurana had the Megaraptor skeleton stay at the bottom of the ramp to deal with any further snake people that come by.

When they reached the doors Nathanial went through and at the top of broken stairs about 40 feet up were 3 poison dusk lizard. It was at that point a wall came up in front of them creating a barricade for them. Nathaniel was shot at 6 times and fell unconscious. The rest of the group tried to figure out an easier way to take them out and suffer little damage. Shintra summoned an elemental close to them and Laurana had the bat distract them. Betty & Thulsa charged up the steps, with Shintra & Laurana casting spells. They took out the poison dusk and took trophies of their kills to show to Chavakuth.



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