The Daunting Abyss

Yuan-Ti Torture

Waterday, Planting 5, CY 593

The group woke up the next morning feeling rested. They studied spells, ate some and noticed that no one else was there but themselves. Chavakuth and the rest were gone along with Bariard and Zef. Now was not a good time for them to go wandering, but at least Betty was better and there with them when they awoke. They decided to press on and not wait, time was of an importance.

They headed out into the main hall with Laurana checking in on her skeleton controlled Megaraptor. They went to explore a room next to what looked like the dining room and it turned out to be the kitchen. Group then moved to the back of the main hall and to the left door to head toward the basement to go after the the other group of Poison-dusk lizardfolk. When they opened the door they saw a sight that took them back for a moment. It was a true chamber of horrors with all kinds of devices used in a torture chamber, with blood not only covered the room but also lied in pools around the room. The room was actually being used with a yuan-ti pureblood torturing a frail prisoner on a stretching rack. There was also a yuan-ti abomination and 2 half-bloods standing by within the room.

The attack started swiftly with the half-bloods drawing bows and shooting at the group. That is where Shintra cast a Wind Wall spell and then the Abomination moved forward to the doorway. Betty at the same time decided to try and go around to get into the torture room through the side door he saw when the front double doors were opened. As he opened the double doors on the right he ran into another set of Yuan-ti in what looked like a prayer room with a yuan-ti preaching to others and a couple of humans. The preacher looked like some kind of yuan-ti sorcerer and they were quick to act to the disturbance. It was right at that time the 2 half-bloods from the torture room came in through the side doors and they attacked the new threat at the alter room doors with the help of the rest in the room; 2 humans, 2 half-bloods and a pure-blood sorcerer.

The abomination cast a darkness spell that dampened Thulsa’s light from his sword, which at this point was glowing red. There were other spells cast by the pure-bloods with a lot of them not succeeding nor were they identified. But there was a spell that had affected Thulsa charming him into protecting the yuan-ti sorcerer that was behind the podium. Next round the Yuan-ti abomination had did some sort of mind effect on Betty and was ready to dart from the room to go outside.

The odds are currently against the group, but maybe Zef and Bariard will return to help out. The fight is just beginning and soon the fate of the group will unfold.



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