Legacy Weapon

weapon (melee)

A finely tapered ash wood +1 Quarterstaff, Banrhialorg (Celestial for “Queen’s staff”) is shod with unblemished gold on its foot and a golden draconic head with sapphire eyes and a ruby tongue on its top. Close examination reveals that the faint lines and veins in the wood form a sequence of arcane runes that repeat down the staff’s length.

Omen: When arcane spellcaster grasps the staff, the golden head’s sapphire eyes flash with lightning and its tongue burns with fire, shedding light like a candle. The wielder can suppress this display as a free action, but it returns when the wielder picks up the staff anew.


Ages ago, a powerful wizard and servant of Boccob called Amthilius lived in a land now forgotten, Not only was he the realm’s greatest arcanist, he was also chief advisor to the local king, who was a skilled wizard in his own right. For years, Amthilius had served both lord and god faithfully, and finally, the king made worship of Boccob the land’s official religion. To honor this momentous occasion, Amthilius created a mighty staff to seal the joining of church and state, and grant great arcane power to the king.
As the ceremony drew near, though, Amthilius grew uncertain whether he should give up his staff. It was he who was the greatest mage in the land and he who had created this potent item. Amthilius’s pride and ambition warred against his loyalty and faith. Eventually he convinced himself that it was in everyone’s best interest for him to keep the staff, since he could more effectively defend the realm with it. He presented his liege with a less potent staff instead.


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