Lenses of Revelation

Vestment of Divinity


You can perceive the true nature of any creature in sight.
Activating the lenses creates a faint aura for 1 round around the target creature (visible only to you) of a particular color based on its nature:

  • Evil Outsider: Red
  • Undead: Bone-white
  • Any Other: Green

Any effect that would defeat a detect evil spell or effect also masks a creature from the lenses.

Vestment of Divinity 2 Pieces: Gain a +1 sacred bonus on saves against effects created by evil creatures.


These two small, concave glass discs have a translucent silver sheen to them.

Wearing the Vestments of Divinity grants you powers that bolster your ability to battle evil creatures, from a stronger resolve against their attacks to a stronger resistance against their machinations. With each new item added, you gain additional divine confidence.

Lenses of Revelation

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