The Daunting Abyss

A Bronze Dragon Gone Bad

Godsday, Planting 4, CY 593 – Midday

After looking over the bodies of the poisondusk lizardfolk and gathering their trophies. The group decided to see what was beyond those doors at the top of the steps. Nathaniel checked the door for traps, passed the test and pulled the doors open. They were viewing an oddly shaped chamber that appeared to take up half the octagonal space of the tower. Stairs and landings spiral upward around them, with a pair of doors that seemed to beckon them from the far wall.

As they entered the room, from the balcony 20 feet above, a human-sized draconic form plummeted downward, ridged wings outstretched. Its scales were a dull bronze, covered in old scars. As it dropped, it called out in Common: “Help me! Don’t let them catch me again!” The group of course was taken by surprise and was noticed by Betty that there was someone else up on the balcony casting a spell. As he moved to go up the stairs and Thulsa stepped aside, that was when the Bronze dragon breathed his lightning breath weapon onto the party and ended up killing Nathaniel and severely injuring Laurana. Betty continued to go up the stairs after the spell caster, the rest of the group tried to take on the Bronze dragon. It was then it flew up out of range from any close attacks. It was these kind of attacks the dragon was doing to get at the group, dive in for an attack and then back out.

The spellcaster dragon master, looked like a Yuan-Ti Enchanter, had managed to get a Shield and Touch of Idiocy spell off. Touch of Idiocy was applied to Betty proving to be very effective, but the enchanter was taken down in a few short rounds afterward to only anger the Bronze dragon more. He attempted to try and pick up Betty and Thulsa to drop them from a higher height to only fail and get clobbered in return. Betty was a non-lethal strike by choice and Thulsa’s strike was a full blown deadly strike which made the dragon think twice about ever trying that again. The dragon continued to fly around and breath his breath weapon 3 more times that knocked Laurana unconscious and wounding others. Betty tried to take to the dragon to find out why he was doing such evil when he was a good dragon, which Shintra figured out what the dragon was, but seemed to get him nowhere and continued his attack with some natural attacks he had and casting Ray of Enfeeblement spells that weakened Thulsa a little bit, but still kept strong in his attack.

Betty after taking down the enchanter tried to continue talks with the bronze dragon with no success and proceeded down the stairs to try and find keys to open the far wall doors. The rest of the group continued to fend off the dragon and soon Betty was successful at getting the doors open and found that the two rooms were a Map Room and a Sleeping Quarter. He had hoped to find something useful to use against the dragon, but nothing.

The map room had a bunch of papers on a square table right underneath a mirror on the wall and an urn filled with water. The sleeping quarters had an elegant bed and a straw bed close to that one. looked as if the enchanter and dragon slept there. The landing above had a set of 5 portals that had letters engraved in stone, under emeralds and amber gems, surrounding the perimeter of the portals. There was no time to get a better look because the Bronze dragon continued his attacks and only stopped for one moment to take his master to the top of the tower ledge. The group decided to re-group and go inside the Map room to figure out what to do next. The dragon seems to have stopped his attacks for the moment while they are hiding out in the map room and wondering what they will do to get out of the room and tower alive.



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