The Daunting Abyss

Surrounding Fields

Moonday, Planting 4, CY 593

After resting, the group went into the Sinister Spire to travel through the gate at the top of the tower. They emerged within a cave that lead to the outside atop the small hill. That is when the Sertrous Key, used to open the portal, had one of its green eyed gems smash from the travel. As they traveled down the hill they came across a small farm village settled next to a mountain side with massive cave opening. When they reached the bottom of the hill and crossed the ford in the river they were spotted by a Huge Snake.

It was at this point the group spotted a Dark Naga Scolding the village people for not working harder. Combat started shortly thereafter, and lasted for a good 12 rounds. The Huge Dire snake proved to be a challenging foe and anyone that got to close ended up getting grappled by its tail and strangled to unconsciousness. The Dark Naga kept a distance, while casting spells and having a human patrol group of 4 fighters and a Rogue leader attack alongside.


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