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Fred’s AD&D 3.5E
Campaign House Rules

Here are some changes to basic rules, new rules, or just variant rules I use. These rules override the books. Bottom is a list of books currently used in my campaign. Rules are subject to change.

Charater Creation

Fate Points












Here is the list of books being used in the current campaign.
Red Notebook - Dragon & Dungeon Magazine information for use in campaign.
Gray Notebook - in-depth Detail of rules from Wizards of the Coast website.
White Notebook - Updates version 3.0 to 3.5 books marked with * after it, if a 3.5 version
not available then use 3.0 and Errata’s for the following books marked with an +

Books marked with ^ are per rule basis or specific DM cases call.

Dungeon Masters Guide+Players Handbook I, II+^
Epic Level Handbook+*^Unearthed Arcana^
Deities & Demigods*Spell Compendium+
Manual of the Planes*Arms & Equipment Guide
Fiend Folio+*Expanded Psionics Handbook+
Monster Manuals I+, II+*, III+Heroes of Horror
Monster Manuals IV, VComplete Adventurer+
Fiendish Codex I, II^Complete Warrior+
Libris Mortis+^Complete Scoundrel
Book of Vile Darkness^Complete Divine+
Book of Exalted Deeds^Complete Arcane+
Draconomicon^Complete Mage
Dragon Compendium+^Races of the Wild
Drow of the UnderdarkRaces of Stone
Magic Item Compendium+Races of Destiny
Weapons of LegacyRaces of the Dragon^
Dungeonscape^Sword & Fist+^*
Cityscape^Song & Silence^*
Rules CompendiumMasters of the Wild^*
Miniatures Handbook^Defenders of the Faith^*
Red, Gray, White NotebookTome of Blood^*

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