The Ascetic Mentoring Monk


Male Human Monk 6
LG Medium Humanoid (Human)
Init +2; Senses: Listen +8, Spot +10
Languages: Common, Infernal

AC 22, Touch 16, Flat-Footed 20
( +6 Armor, +2 Dex, +1 Deflection, +3 Other )
HP 41 (6d8 +12)
Immune: disease, hot/cold environment
Fort +6, Ref +7 (Evasion), Will +9 ( +2 vs enchantment, +1 vs spells & spell-like abilities )
Fate Points 10

Abilities: Str 14, Dex 14, Con 14, Int 12, Wis 16, Cha 10
Feats: Ambidexterity, Blind-fight, Improved Unarmed Strike, Improved Grapple, Improved Disarm, Stunning Fist, Combat Reflexes, Endurance, Sacred Vow, Vow of Poverty, Nymph’s Kiss, Intuitive Attack, Touch of Golden Ice
Skills: Appraise +1, Balance +6, Bluff +2, Climb +5, Concentration +2, Diplomacy +11, Disguise +2, Escape Artist +2, Forgery +1, Gather Information +2, Heal +3, Hide +9, Intimidate +2, Jump +13, Knowledge Religion +9, Listen +8, Move Silently +9, Ride +2, Search +1, Sense Motive +10, Spot +10, Survival +3, Swim +4, Tumble +8, Use Rope +2
XP: 21,000


“What is cowardice but the body’s wisdom of its weakness? What is bravery but the body’s wisdom of its strength? The coward and the hero march together within everyman. To call one man a coward and one man brave only serves to indicate the possibilities of achieving the opposite.”………. Master Ho Fong

Knowing one’s self is the greatest knowledge one can ever hope to discover. It is with this lesson to be learned that Master Ho Fong sent young Theron into the Crystalmist Mountains, but he would return with a vision that would forever alter the course of his life. After meditating for three days and three nights he received a vision where he met with one of his ancestors, a long forgotten king.
“I was once a great king but my rule ended prematurely due to a traitorous betrayal that would eventually leave my only son Asluht to rule in my stead. Asluht was strong and a capable warrior dedicated to honoring Heironeous, but was feebleminded and easily his actions were twisted to serve an evil purpose. Servants of the demon Orcus tricked him into doing vile acts for the benefit of the dark demon lord. If not for a valiant gesture at the moment of his death, my son’s soul would have been lost forever.” the ghostly figure spoke.
“For generations I pleaded with Heironeous to forgive my sons evil deeds for he knew not what he was doing. In time Heironeous decreed that Asluht would be granted an opportunity for redemption. When the world has forgotten me and the last of my bloodline reached adulthood, Asluht would be returned to the world of the living. That time is now. You are my last living descendant and I must charge you with a most sacred duty.” the great king continued.
“You will travel to a small village in the Good Hills. There you will find a paladin born of Hell Itself. He shall have no memory of his past life nor can you reveal it to him until he has redeemed himself in the eyes of Heironeous. At that time you must take him to the village of Kingsholm near my final resting place. There you will find a woman named Impa, the last living descendant of a trusted member of my court. My hellbred son need only speak his name to her and she will know his true identity and can restore him to the throne.” the spirit’s face saddened.
“Should his redemption not be won and my son should perish during his quest or fall back into evil ways, you must still return to Kingsholm and seek out Impa for yourself. You need only speak your true name to her and she will know you are the last of my line and therefore will inherit the throne. Please, I beg of you. Guide my son along the path of righteousness and redemption.”, and as quickly as it appeared, the spirit fades.

Descending from the snowcapped windswept mountain peaks, the vision was told to Master Ho Fong. A great gift this vision was, for no longer was there any question of his destiny. My Master must take this journey, not one to face a monster to be slain and save the innocent. No, any brave man could undertake a task such as that. My Master must walk a different path. He must choose to take the throne of a long lost kingdom and claim his birthright, or aid a long forgotten king’s son to do the same.

For my Master the choice was easy. A selfish man would certainly have sought out Impa and taken the throne for himself. My Master saw the greater reward to be guiding the paladin and aiding him in his hidden quest.
To do this my Master knew he must hide his own identity and that of the paladin until the time was right. My Master had a great distance to travel to find the paladin and needed to travel light. My Master took a vow of poverty so severe that he did not keep even a name for himself but in time became known as Betty.


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