The Daunting Abyss

What A Bloody Mess

Waterday, Planting 5, CY 593

Zef appeared in the main hall and advancing towards the group to offer his assistance once again, with Bariard still missing in action. Betty continued back into the temple area as if he had a compulsion to snakes. No time to worry about that, as we are currently facing yuan-ti with an intent to take care of us for the intrusion we have committed.

With Darkness in place by the abomination, Laurana commanded the Megaraptor skeleton to move over to attack the abomination and keep it busy. Shintra and the wolf helped alongside the skeletal creature. Thulsa was stuck at the other doorway taking care of the humans trying to get into the room with Zef moving up fast to help the group. Zef moved in to help with the Snake Abomination as Thulsa took care of the 2 human fighter cultists, but not after getting hit with arrows by the 4 Yuan-ti archers in the background. The yuan-ti sorcerer cast more spells on herself since Thulsa was Suggested to protect her from anyone wanting to damage her. The Abomination was damaged severely by the skeletal Megaraptor, but ended up destroying the skeleton. Zef and Shintra had taken care of the abomination with a few more hits and moved over to help the others.

Laurana and Thulsa in the meantime had moved into the room to take care of the archers, which they have already drew their swords and starting advancing. Thulsa was locked in combat with these archers and the others turned their attention towards the sorcerer. But when Shintra hit the yuan-ti sorcerer with her sword, Thulsa turned his attention towards her and when he got close to the both of them ended up triggering a pit trap that he was able to avoid falling into.
Zef and Laurana finished off the remaining archers, with Shintra trying to kill the yuan-ti sorcerer just when Thulsa had come over to try and protect her, the yuan-ti corcerer polymorphed into a tiny viper snake and went down into the pit.

The Group was victorious this day, but the bones of the dead king still have not been found, with Bariard having been gone for so long and Betty hiding out somewhere in the small chapel room. There is still more to be done and rest seems a luxury we don’t have here like we did in the Sinister Spire.



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