The Daunting Abyss

Getting Down & Dirty

Earthday, Planting 6, CY 593

The group woke the next day, and found that Betty was gone. He left without a word or so much of what was bothering him, maybe it might have been because they killed the Brass Dragon when he tried to redeem it. He did express extreme animosity over it in a few choice wise words. We continued with the morning with preparing spells eating and talking where to go next. We decided to move on without Betty and go to the portal in the cave on the outskirts of the village to go back to Pedestal to get more supplies from the market. When we went through the portal with the Sertrous key the emerald eye cracked and then broke when we came back through to head towards castle Sertrous. With the help of Laurana and her knowledge of arcana that the key would need another emerald gem for it to work with the portal again.

The group decided to head back down into the basement to find the other Poison dusk lizardfolk group to finish the request from Chavakuth. As the group proceeded down to the dungeon, they were concerned with the jailor ghost residing there. They figured that if they went from cell to cell pausing for a moment in between, that the yuan-ti ghost would leave them alone. This tactic seamed to have worked and they pressed on to the 20’ wide opening that led into an area that smelled of rotten garbage. The room was 60′ × 40′ with 4 single wooden reinforced doors, and opposite of the opening was an ornate pair of doors made from stone and carved with snakes. Two braziers were on either side of the doors that lit the room and showed a 20′ × 20′ pit in the center of the room that was giving the foul smell to the room.

As the group went further into the room Laurana and Obelyn got nauseated from the smell, as Zef, Thulsa and Shintra went around to check out the doors and the ornate carved stone double doors. Laurana and Obelyn went closer to the pit in the center of the room while retching and with a revolting gurgle, two sucker-tipped tentacles shot up from the base of the pit. To their horror they were faced with an Otyugh while catching them by surprise.

The trash creature went and grabbed a hold of Obelyn and his wolf during the course of combat, with Shintra using Call Lightning to only find out that she was not able to penetrate its resistance and it seemed to absorb the magic. Laurana did get through with her Scorching Ray spell, severely wounding the creature. Zef went around to heal others that were down and Thulsa went in after the creature after he found out his crossbow was just not quick enough at killing it and went into the garbage pit after the Otyugh with having a hard time standing on his feet in that muck. Shintra tried another lightning strike, but the creature absorbed it, Laurana hit it with another Scorching Ray with the creature howling in pain, Zef cast a Bless, Obelyn broke free from the grasp of the creature, and this was when Thulsa tried getting up from slipping to only get back up part way to start falling down again, but did a last strong attack on it to kill it with a solid deep stab from his bastard sword.

With the Otyugh killed they gathered themselves up and did some healing to push forward with what lies beyond the doors, especially the snake ornate carved stone double doors.



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