The Daunting Abyss

Yuan-Ti Foot Patrol

Earthday, Planting 6, CY 593 (Late-Afternoon)

Thulsa informed everyone that yuan-ti archers and those Poison dusk lizardfolk were moving in on them. It seems the group has either created that much noise or they tripped a silent alarm. As the readied themselves, they heard a thud from behind them and when they turned to look what made that noise noticed that Obelyn was lying on the floor past out, with Kiba trying to wake him up by licking his face. Lying on the floor next to him was a bottle that had a strange liquid in it and smelled awful. It was then that Kiba too past out, whatever was in that bottle must have been strong stuff to make them pass out, so they needed to move forward before it would happen to them.

As the group moved out of the room and into the garbage pit room, they were getting shot at with numerous arrows from the Yuan-ti Archers. The three Poison dusk lizardfolk creatures with one shooting arrows(Ranger), one getting himself raged(Barbarian) and one casting a spell(Druid). The arrows turned out the have poison on them, affecting Laurana and her bat with snake venom tipped arrows. The Poison dusk Druid cast Briar Web,and Decomposition. That combo of spells has caused major problems for the group to get to them, so Shintra cast Wind Wall to protect us from the arrows till we could get across the briar patch to attack them. The Poison dusk Barbarian was advancing fast towards us and through the Wind Wall to attack Zef, whom was next to the wall.



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